Abdul Halim Datuk Abu Hassan (IR) – Vistage Chair Profile

20160808_abdul_halimAbdul Halim Datuk Abu Hassan a professed self-starter, Halim brings the entrepreneurial dimension when addressing organisational interventions. Before founding his own engineering business in 1995 Halim had extensive exposure in key positions in both local conglomerates (Tenaga Nasional Berhad – TNB & Renong Berhad) and multinational companies (Asea Brown Boveri – ABB).

A passionate innovator who relishes in facing challenges Halim thrives in uncertainties. Altena Pte Ltd,the startup that Halim set up, was an industry prime mover engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of power equipment under a 10 years TNB Vendor Development Programme before successful graduation.

Altena also pioneered an innovative District Cooling Scheme under a Built-Operate-Maintain business concept. Harnessing these business acumens Halim readily shared his vast experience with his varied SME clientele.

A firm believer in group wisdom and equally adept at whole-brain thinking, Halim deploys various facilitative techniques, such as Appreciative Inquiry, World Café, ORID amongst many others in delivering expected outcomes during organisational interventions.

He mentors as well as coaches in the areas of Business Acumens, Strategic Change Management, Leadership Development, Creativity and Innovation and numerous other management concepts such as Business Model Canvas, Design Thinking, Blue Ocean Strategy to name a few. A self-taught musician, Halim enjoys everything creative and firmly believes in the saying that “Creativity is Intelligence having Fun (Albert Einstein).