Visiting Pioneers

Seven pioneer VEE-19 members went to Ipoh and Taiping to visit various home-grown businesses created by pioneer entrepreneurs. Among the places of interest they visited were:

  • Ho Yan Hor Museum in Ipoh which chronicles the creation of herbal tea. Today the herbal tea company as grown to become the public-listed Hovid Bhd.
  • Heritage Walk of Ipoh which showcases the architecture of the early Chinese towns.
  • Sepetang Charcoal Factory. VEE-19 members met a third generation manager of this factory. Logs from mangrove swamps are harvested to make charcoal in a sustainable system. The charcoal products are exported to Japan.
  • Eco Park in Taiping. Members walked on the original iron tracks and wooden sleepers used to build the first railway line in Malaysia. British colonial masters used to transport tin to Port Weld (now called Sepetang) to ship overseas.
  • Spritzer mineral water extraction and bottling plant. The recreational Park and factory belong to Chuan Sin. This enterprising effort has evolved into two listed companies – Spritzer and Yee Lee.
  • Chinese cookies factory which makes biscuits in a traditional stove using coconut husks as fuel.
  • Coffee mill which used to be a bungalow housing Dr Sun Yat Sen.

2016 VEE19 @ Spritzer

(L-R): Tan KM, Jas Teo, Eric San, Lee KL, Leong YW, Desmond Phee & Boo SL at the Spritzer factory in Taiping, Perak