Dato’ Indra Gunawan Alamshah – Vistage Chair Profile

Dato’ Indra Gunawan Alamshah holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Missouri, Columbia USA. He was on the Dean’s Honor List in the Industrial Engineering faculty. He also attended an Advanced Management Program at INSEAD EURO-ASIA CENTRE. He has more than 30 years of experience specializes in corporate Turnaround through management, marketing and integration of human capital and Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) as well as through his years of experience in managing high-profile start-up companies.

Recruited from Puncak Semangat Group (PSG), he spent a total 7 years helming the ICT group. Initially Indra took over the reins of Synergycentric Sdn Bhd (one of the 5 ICT companies in PSG) as Chief Executive Officer in 2009. His management philosophy incorporates the introduction of business and technology transformation in achieving improvements across the company. Indra is also a strong believer in empowerment and in personal engagement with staff and has maintained an open-door management concept to get the best out of each employee. The benefits of these philosophies would be best applied and exemplified in a company with similar aspirations and visions.

He provides the strategic direction for the company and was the key force in turning around Synergycentric and bringing it to the next level in performance and growth. During his tenure, he has grown Synergycentric from a loss making company in 2009 to 9 digit annual turnover in 2014. The strategic directions were achieved through his incorporation of Marketing, high efficiency, quality, service, and cost-effective management of resources and with extremely limited financial resources.

With Indra’s diverse experience and proven capabilities, he was promoted as the Group CEO to lead a new division in Puncak Semangat Group; dubbed Business Support Group by consolidating five (5) IT companies with its mission to improve customers’ businesses efficiency and productivity through the utilization of trusted and cost efficient cloud computing and data management. Under his leadership, he chairs the Management Committee, which discusses strategies, major and critical decision making on business direction and operations.

As an entrepreneur, Indra founded 2 of his own companies, which deals with ICT and Cattle Farming business. His prime venture in CMnet Dotcom Sdn Bhd offers a timely need in capitalizing the emerging requirements to service the open market. While CMnet offers effective and comprehensive ICT solutions to a wide array of clients, Corakmas Sdn Bhd reduces the country’s dependency to import fresh milk and meat products. Corakmas was subsequently sold off while Cmnet is still in operations till now. In addition, he acts as Business Advisor in Marketing and Turnaround Management to companies either in trouble or wanting to bring their companies to the next level.

Earlier in his career years Indra was the CEO of Dagangnet Sdn Bhd for 6 years and Chief of Operations of Alexander Proudfoot, a multinational productivity consultant company for another 6 years.