David Chai – Vistage Chair Profile

20160808_abdul_halimDavid Chai graduated from a university in Taiwan and majored in Business Administration. He obtained his MBA from University of Texas, Arlington, USA in 1988.He has a total of 27 years of working experience, including 13 years of international exposure and 14 years of local experience.

He worked at Lion Group for 23 years where he started as a Business Analyst, and step by step, he was promoted to the position of Manager, Assistant General Manager, General Manager, Special Assistant to Group Chairman, Chief Executive Officer in Automotive Business Unit, and Director of Supply Chain Management in Steel Business Unit prior to his retirement on 30 June 2016.

He was one of the pioneers for the China project and business development in Lion Group. He participated in the process of planning, feasibility study, negotiation and establishment of 7 Joint Venture Projects with a total investment of US$ 200 million.

He was appointed as the Special Assistant to Group Chairman in 2001 due to his initiative and impressive remedy proposal put forward to the top management on non-performed investments and businesses in China. He assisted and represented the Group Chairman to carry out and resolve various and complicated assignments and issues, which further enriched his experience in crisis management.

In 2007, he was appointed the CEO of the Automotive Business Unit in Malaysia, where the sales were in crisis due to severe quality issues. He managed to stabilize and resolve the quality issues and get the business back on the right track within two years period. Subsequently, the Automotive Business Unit was acquired by another public listed company due to its expandable prospective.

He was asked to oversee the sourcing & purchasing division of the Steel Business Unit in 2009, a division with an annual purchase value of RM1.5 billion where he was very involved in the formulation of strategy, policy as well as decision making. With his profound negotiation skill and international exposure, he has successfully saved the company from USD120 million losses and avoided an international legal proceeding against the company during his first year of appointment as the Director of Group Sourcing & Purchasing. David experienced and witnessed the peak of a conglomerate in the course of expansion and development. He also worked through the difficulty period where the restructuring and contraction of businesses took place. He is more than willing to share his combined experience both abroad and locally, render his assistance and advice so that we can improve and progress together for a BETTER TOMORROW!

In terms of personalities and interests, David is a traditional, family-oriented and health conscious person who also put strong emphasis on harmony, integrity and honesty. He works attentively and realistically. Not to mention, he also enjoys traveling, exchange of thoughts, preparing and drinking Chinese tea and coffee.