Dr HN Law – Vistage Chair Profile

For the period 1980—1994, Dr HN Law has acquired a wide range of experience as a Senior Operations Manager of Motorola, including heading the quality circles committee, training and development for all levels of employees, upgrading technical skills of engineers, design and build of wafer fabrication facilities, and various operations management related to the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

He was totally sponsored by his employer Motorola to pursue MBA of Oklahoma City University, U.S.A. and DBA of International Management Centre, U.K. His DBA thesis was titled “The Empirical Study of Self-empowered teamwork of a Malaysian Electronics Firm”. It was a summary of his working experience and it clearly exemplified his fervor in integrating China’s ancient strategy/philosophy and modern-day business management.

He often adopts Eastern philosophies into the practice of business management, such as Sunzi Art of War, Laozi’s and Zhuangzi’s management by inactivity, Confucian ethics of magnanimity and morality and the famous The Book of Change(Ijing)’s dictum of Be highly ethical and inclusive, Continuously strive for self-excellence.

HN is presently collaborating with Chinese Chambers of Commerce Johor Bahru and TsingHua University, China to promote the Strategies of the Spring Automn Era to the Malaysian Chinese business sector. Due to his expertise in business management, Hong Leong Group took him in as the GM of OYL, the nation’s largest Air-conditioning Manufacturer, which he found it meaningful in being able to contribute to the local industry the world-class technologies/techniques he learnt in multinationals. At that time, Nanyang Siang Pao, the largest Chinese Newspaper in Malaysia then, another HONG LEONG subsidiary was in search of a GM conversant in the Chinese language. HN was thus transferred to fill the position.

In 1997, the Asian Economic Crisis broke out, hitting the world hard, with no exception to Malaysia. He collaborated with a number of Chinese businessmen to form the Love-Malaysia Movement, with him acting as the Deputy Chairman. Many talks and seminars were organized around the nation to advice the business people to create business values instead of playing market shares, which was slated to be one of the causes of the economic downfall, supposedly exasperated by the likes of Soros.

In 2011—2013, HN was invited to be the Vice President of Southern College in JB. He helped to upgrade the levels of management excellence necessary for getting through the MQA’s gate of approval to be a University College. By 2013, the dream of the emergence of the first Chinese community-based nonprofit University/College was realized.

At this moment, he has retired, but still active in contributing to the community through the exchange and sharing of his knowledge and experience, a much-cherish dream of his.