Hong Khay Chai – Vistage Chair Profile

hong_khay_chaiHong Khay Chai is a man of many talents and has vast experience in the diverse business arena. He sits on the board of several companies and is actively involved in numerous clubs and government agencies.

He is well connected with the business community because of his immense and active participation in social work and his 20 years of experience in managing business speaks volume of him being an entrepreneur.

Since 2002 Khay Chai has been involved with Vistage Asia bringing along with him a wealth of experience in managing business which ranges from those related to building materials, logistics, automotive rust-proofing to environmental technologies.

He was a board member of the Penang Water Authority (PBA) for 10 years which subsequently was listed on the KLSE’s main board in 1999.

Another feather in his cap was when he was conferred the distinguished Kentucky Colonel by the Governor of the State of Kentucky, USA in 1990.

His 32 years of community leadership had earned him numerous awards and recognition at national and international levels. Needless to say that his life was filled to the brim with community services which also include accolades for the successful organizing of SMIs conferences and exhibitions.

He also spearheaded smart partnerships with Government agencies like the Royal Malaysian Police and had the privilege of teaming up with world-renowned feng shui author Lillian Too to jointly hold seminars and conferences pertaining to the subject.
An accredited Advanced Toastmasters on communication and leadership for 13 years, Khay Chai is also a certified train-the-trainer of the Lions Clubs International since 1983.

His list of leadership credentials includes several chairmanship positions, locally and internationally with the Lions Clubs International and his involvement with the political Small and Medium Industry bureau and numerous charitable and religious organizations.

A unique character at that, Khay Chai is known by his associates and friends to think out of the box to derive at extraordinaire ideas to do things differently but achieving maximum results.

Having survived a car crash during his first year in school, Khay Chai says it has drastically and phenomenally changed his life for the better and that explains why he sees things at a different perspective but with much desired results.