Leong Yoke Weng – Vistage Chair Profile

Leong_Yoke_WengHeading Departments in senior positions, Leong Yoke Weng has covered a wide range of management experise in a multi-national corporation. As the Chief Buyer of Unilever he negotiated for supplies to different manufacturing units of detergent, soaps, toothpaste, cooking oil, margarine and others.

Industrial procurement to international standards from the smi/sme of a developing country like Malaysia was an interesting challenge to him. In addition he was responsible for commodity purchasing in the volatile Oils and Fats commodity markets. He was also posted to Unilever Central Purchasing in London to experience the world wide sourcing efforts.

After this he was sent right across the company’s spectrum to be the Marketing Manager of the Wall’s Division. His pioneering Brand Marketing for Malaysia and Singapore resulted in Wall’s overtaking its rival who has been the brand leader for generation. Responsible for the Sales Operations as well, he turned around the loss making of a highly capitalised company to profitability.

He then moved his leadership from the Large Team corporate environment to that of the Lonely unprotected single player of running his own business in an unfamiliar mileu. Built up a Distributorship agency from a single storey shophouse to a Refrigerated Warehouse receiving goods by containers.

A unique appendix to Leong’s cv is his appointment as Airport Manager in Singapore. Initially he managed the Civilian part of Air Base of Seletar ( an ex British RAF facility) converted for aircraft, pilot training and aerospace industry. Later he managed the International Airport. Due to the furious pace of advances in Singapore he had the opportunity to be fully engaged in various multi-disciplined project teams which were the forerunner of today’s aviation hub.

Footnote – Schooled at the Victoria Institution and Universiti Malaya, emerging with an honours degree in Economics. Leong Yoke Weng says, ” Music moves me and News makers amuse me.” “I like to Walk the Web as well as Real Roads well travelled or otherwise”. “Books and Friends are treasures I find illuminating.”