Wong Chee Kong – Vistage Chair Profile

Wong Chee KongWong Chee Kong has more than 20 years of executive leadership experience at several Multinational Companies in global & regional roles. Also as the Principal Lean Six Sigma Consultant, Mr. CK Wong has initiated and been directly involved in the successful implementation of a Lean Culture by instituting operating systems and Lean Thinking management practices. Chee Kong has engaged in multitude of industries for Small Medium Enterprise (SME) and Multi National Corporation (MNC), namely in the Trading, Service, Manufacturing, Research & Development, and Finance.

CK is currently the Principal Consultant, President of his own company, helping companies improve their business financials, process, operations, culture, and customer and employee development. The industries he has consulted and changed forever are Telecom, Manufacturing, Medical, Agriculture, Insurance, Hospitality, Research &Development, Construction and Oil & Gas. One particular transformation was for a Saudi MOH Hospitals, spear heading a Lean Six Sigma Project Improvement in a national scale in Delivery, Quality, Productivity, and Customer Satisfaction. Having also trained and coached more than 50 Improvement Projects for Felda for 200 managers, operations, and engineers from 2007-2009 for the Plantation Operations and Service support business, he also manages his Lean Six Sigma Consultancy business. CK is currently an adjunct Lecturer in the Singapore BCAA (Building Control Authority Academy).

He holds an MBA and certifications in several areas of expertise including a Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma. As a lean practitioner and expert in system thinking, CK has designed, coordinated and facilitated both in-class and onsite seminars and workshops for all organizational leadership levels related to Lean Six Sigma principles & methodologies.

His wealth of hands-on knowledge is indispensable to understanding the challenges most people face when implementing improvement initiatives, therefore, his insights are almost invaluable to those who seek his professional perspective. He is an excellent Communicator, Facilitator and Coach for more than 20 companies and over 200 projects. As a Regional Lean lead in 5 countries for Kaizen’s continuous improvement, he helped them saved 3mil USD within 9 months.

Chee Kong loves watching sports and believes in eating healthily and have regular exercises to keep fit. In addition, he enjoys networking with business leaders and has a strong passion to coach aspiring leaders in their professional careers and businesses.