Wong Kah Cane | Vistage Chair Profile

wong kah caneWong Kah Cane, graduated with Bachelor of Business Administration (Hon) from Universiti Utara Malaysia in 1992, Wong started his career as a junior in Brain Network Sdn Bhd, a local consulting company involved in bringing oversea experts for the local Mandarin speaking SME.

Wong joined local Traditional Chinese Medicine giant Eu Yan Sang (1959) Sdn Bhd in year 2000. Started as an Area Manager, Wong was promoted as Retail Manager 3 years later, Senior Sales Manager in 2006 and General Manager in 2008; the last position held was Senior General Manager until he left EYS in 2016.

During those 16 years, Wong is actively involved in transforming the conventional TCM retailer into a modernised retail business and a significant retail brand with strong present throughout the country and recorded remarkable sales growth. Wong with his team grew the business from 24 outlets in 2000 into more than 90 outlets in 2015, whereby sales grew by nearly 5.5 times.

Wong’s main strength was in building a very productive and creative team, which is strong in both sales and marketing. Wong was the key person behind building the in-house training material and operation menu, trained the in-house trainers and embarked on industrial good practices. Apart from leading the sales team, Wong was also leading the marketing department which initiated the brand transformation including those remarkable CSR programs like One Year One School, Bucket Of Gold, Teacher Appreciation in Spring and etc. In achieving the high sales growth, Wong has also launched a lot of new product development programs and product branding exercises. Wong has a lifelong belief: “People Make The Difference”.

As the Senior General Manager, he is responsible for both the top line and bottom line and took bold steps in adapting modern practices into retail business like best CRM practices (Customer Relationship Management), and concept of New Retail involving Online Business and IOT. In 2016, Wong joined Everpro Sdn Bhd. His main task in Everpro was to transform the business and help in grooming the business successor.

In August 2018, Wong was also appointed as the Independent Trustee of Board of Trustee of Malaysia Timber Council. Wong is also actively involved in Buddhist associations and social cultural CSR activities.