Angela Yen - Vistage Chair Profile | Vistage Malaysia

angela yenAngela Yen, an all-rounder, has more than 25 years of experience in finance and business management.

In the era of management of information, she has founded a company which provides training that takes business analysts to a new level of mind-set on data visualization, particularly on constructing sustainable business dashboard from strenuous data that gives insights and value to organisations and their clients.

As a UK-graduate, she has a diverse career experience that spans from corporate consultancy, to audit and managing companies. This includes a seven-year tenure with one of the “Big 4” as a Senior Consultant. She was involved in feasibility studies, due diligent and corporate restructuring such as IPOs, reverse takeovers and corporate debts restructuring for various industries, namely oil palm companies, timber companies, property developer, ship builder, government agencies, among others.

In the early part of her career, she represented a KLSE-listed company in various capacities, namely played a role in a joint venture business in China and sought business opportunities in Europe and USA.

Later, whilst with another KLSE-listed group, she was responsible for preparing budgets and projections with sales value more than RM200 million as well as business models and simulations for potential business proposals. She conducted trainings for managers and junior staff on financial related subjects from implementation of GST to improvement of internal control and data records for better business analysis.

In the same company, she was also involved in the evaluation of past business performance and in mapping out strategic plans for the next 5 years as well as in drafting of a Standard Terms and Conditions of Business.

She liaised with related financial institutions on various aspects namely from cash liquidity management to periodic investments, from preparing replies to RAM to ensuring scheduled requirements are met for bonds issued, among others. Her knack for preparing an appropriate SOPs had contributed to additional million-ringgits in revenue.

Besides work, she usually reads and jogs for relaxation and physical fitness. She is active in church ministries and has joined Outward Bound School activities 4 times including a 20-day OBS Challenge Course.