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How about sharing some of your powerful business experience? By starting a Vistage Chair Practice, you’ll discover meaningful, financially rewarding work by imparting your experience and insight into the lives of other CEOs, business owners and executives.

Vistage Chairs are Difference Makers

Whether you’ve been a CEO, COO, President, Chairman or senior exec with a +$5MM P&L, you’ve got the business chops and entrepreneurial zeal to bring impact to a peer advisory group.

You know that accountability is key. Shared experiences, similar challenges, tough decisions made at the highest level. You have the ability to connect with and inspire a group of seasoned executives.

With over a half century of experience, Vistage will provide you with a suite of proven tools, techniques and resources to get your peer advisory group off the ground and keep it aloft.

After you’re selected, you’ll participate in our rigorous development program. With a renewed sense of purpose, you’ll make certain your members reach their potential.

As an independent contractor, you’ll determine your time commitment and income requirements. Whether part time or full time, handsome monthly earnings can also be realized.

Most rewarding as a CEO Chair Coach, you’ll make a profound difference for the better in the lives of your peer advisory group members. Your reach and legacy will affect your entire business community.

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