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Chan Sir, is an entrepreneur coach involving businesses in F&B, hardware, manufacturing and trading enterprises. After completing his Business Management study from Stamford College, he began his career in a family business setting specialising in baking.

From one bread factory expanded to 10 units of cake houses. After which, he dedicated himself to pastor and teach in a local church for nearly 20 years. All these years of service, he has helped many entrepreneur businessmen and businesswomen, accompanying them to face all kinds of hardship and challenges either in their personal or family life, or along their business journey.

A few years ago, Chan Sir began to realise the intense change of the era, in order to achieve that massive breakthrough in life, he took up the challenge to get himself trained with coaching skills. He also enrolled himself to study EMBA course. He attended the Coach Training namely E21 Program organised by the Asia Best Leadership International Group in which he was awarded The Best Performance Award.

Two years ago he applied for an earlier retirement. Beginning of last year, with his 20 years experiences in pastoring and counselling, 10 years business management experiences, he activated the next phase of his life into Life Coaching entrepreneurship in Kota Kinabalu. He specialises in helping entrepreneurs to create their own business culture. For his passion in understanding people, his outstanding level of patience in listening, he has excelled in helping businessmen and businesswomen to obtain their own breakthroughs, hence birth forth creative wonders to advance and progress their entrepreneurship

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