Chew Sin Vui - Vistage Chair Profile | Vistage Malaysia

chew sin vuiChew Sin Vui is currently working as a financial planner in a freelance model for more than 10 years. He is meeting hundreds of small and medium-size entrepreneurs and businessmen since the beginning of his career in which some of them have become his clients. Not only does he provide financial products, but he has also observed that many of his clients faced common pain points or issues while they are running their business regardless of their industry in which they are in. Issues include lacking of leadership skill, cash flow out of control, lack of company financial plan, company losses directions etc. As such, these groups of people have no proper channel to ask for help to correct their issues and pitfalls. Chew finally found the Vistage way of problem-solving and opportunities exploration process that may help these groups of people by joining Vistage as a Vistage coach.

Chew started his own entrepreneur business which specializes in an iron-steel sheet fabrication factory in a small town after undergraduate school back in the 90’s. He expanded the business by transforming manual operations in the factory to semi-automation. After 7 years, he sold his company and ventured into construction business as a civil and structures contractor. Splitting the partnership after 5 years of his construction company, he eventually worked as a sole proprietor contractor. 4 years later, he was hired by one of the largest multinational bio-diesel plant to be part of the top management. The challenges and issues that MNCs encounter were exceptionally tough. Having been through fund raising, bio-diesel plant constructing, procuring raw materials and processing them to finished bio-diesel and finally marketing the products around the world, a tough lesson was learnt.

Apart from his work, he serves in an entrepreneurial NGO in which it is aligned to his common clients. The purpose of the NGO is to promote entrepreneurship and provide a platform for entrepreneurs and business owners to learn new business knowledge, share marketing information, and grow their businesses.

Chew holds an undergraduate degree from Concordia University and a MBA degree from Strachclyde University. His passion and close relationship with many local SMEs and business owners makes him a trust-able financial person in that area and now he wishes to help these people grow and be successful in their own business.