George Lau – Vistage Chair Profile | Vistage Malaysia


Dr. George Lau’s life career was in Maybank Group, spanned over 30 years in various management positions (from Senior Manager, Regional Director, and to Head of Special Audit for the Group). His last corporate rank was Senior Vice-President. Being a banker, he had widely interacted with the business world, which enabled him to serve & support the growth and expansion of many banking clients’ businesses (SMEs & corporate organizations). As a senior banker, he had played a prominent role in making contribution to the success of many clients’ businesses. Through years of association with banking clients, he had acquired in-depth knowledge & exposure in commercial & industrial issues, and well versed with the role of CEOs & key executives of various types of organizations.

After his 30 years of banking career, George turned Corporate Trainer and Coach, and he facilitated a wide range of technical and developmental programs for management staff in commercial & financial institutions. Today, he leads a group of business owners, entrepreneurs & key executives. The Group Vision is to transform members’ businesses and to stay ahead of the competition. We also mentor each other to live a more balanced and richer personal life.

His expertise includes ability to interact, influence, and inspire people to be leaders of high integrity, to strategize for better results, to build more effective teams and to raise productivity.

George often supports community and humanity projects and he regularly helps people to realize their true potentials. In his leisure time, he often engages with associates to hike and trek in various forests, as returning to Mother Nature is one of his favourite activities.

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