“Very often, after staying in our own circles for too long, we have less impetus to think outside-the-box as we are too familiar with everything. This leads to hesitance to explore new ways during decision making. I have heard new opinions since joining Vistage, allowing new perspectives and thinking to take shape.”

Powerwell is a leading global switchboard manufacturer based in Malaysia, serving the markets of Southeast Asia, Middle East and Oceania. A new plant was set up in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam eight years ago, while a new office was established in Indonesia to plan for a new factory. The company has great expectations in Vietnam and Indonesia, and is looking forward to double-digit growth from these two markets.

According to Mr. Jason Tham Kien Wai, Managing Director, Powerwell was established in 1986 with a small set-up. The company adopted modern management teams with proper systems, strategies and planning in 2002. Subsequently in 2015, its overseas expansion began.

“Switchboard production requires precision engineering, hence our emphasis on Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Key Performance Index (KPI). With a 210-strong workforce, our turnover is over RM100 million and we are in the midst of preparing for Initial Public Offering (IPO). The company always emphasises satisfying the customers in terms of safety and innovation. As the company aspires to become a world class switchboard manufacturer, it strives to scale greater heights and achieve better qualities.

Jason Tham leads his team to participate in exhibition in Indonesia

Jason Tham leads his team to participate in exhibition in Indonesia

With flourishing business, Jason leads the listing initiative and global expansion confidently. “Teamwork spirit is very important, as we must embrace future challenges with better systems, planning and strategies. As the responsibility to lead the company is now heavier, I focus more on innovation and sharing, and I believe there is always give and take in everything we do.

Jason opines that sharing and growing together will drive the team capacity and multi-faceted thinking. “We need sustainable management to develop the business sustainably, and herald in a new dimension in the industry we are familiar with, including new products and new markets. To achieve the goal, we must retain talents, nurture new blood, offer generous remunerations, and to set a right target.

Every time Jason faces a difficulty in decision making, he likens it to “computer hang”. During such impasses, he would always ask for opinions from third parties.

His Vistage Chair and members visit Powerwell's factory in Vietnam

His Vistage Chair and members visit Powerwell’s factory in Vietnam

“I got to know Vistage by chance, and became a member. I was pleasantly surprised when the experts from various industries offer plenty of knowledge and unorthodox suggestions based on their unique experience in management and decision making.”

Jason reiterates his view that “If we stay in the comfort zone, we won’t be able to breakthrough on certain things. The different opinions based on other perspectives and thinking have sparked many great ideas. “My most important gain from Vistage is the positive energy and the paradigm shift.”

Business is never easy. When Jason finds himself in adverse circumstances, he believes the key to overcome it is to take it easy and relax. “Sooth the mood before solving the problems. Once calm and relaxed, you can clarify everything, decide on a solution, and implement it without hesitation.”

“Success is the outcome of regularly challenging oneself. As change is the only constant in life, plans can never catch up with changes, therefore we must always analyse problems from different angles. This also underscores the importance of listening to others’ success stories.”

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Jason would like to share this advice, “Change the world, don’t let it change you. You can study on your competitors, but never follow their footsteps

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