Jeffrey Khor

Jeffrey Khor was previously the Executive Director of KHIND-Mistral (M) Sdn. Bhd., a key marketing subsidiary of public listed KHIND Holding Berhad. After 23 years of selfless devotion to KHIND, he retired at 65 in 2015 and immediately embarked on a new journey for the ‘second half’ of his life. He has been recognized as being instrumental in transforming the company from a Chinese family business to a hundred million enterprise in Peninsula Malaysia, dealing with KHIND & Mistral brand of electrical home appliances. His 11 years of persistent effort in export marketing and development has cumulated to the availability of KHIND products in over 50 countries worldwide. And locally, he has successfully uplifted KHIND’s image from being a me-too player to a prestigious differentiated marketer, with many innovative products like the ANSHIN collection of stainless steel rice cookers, rice steamers, Brown Rice Ceramic cookers, and Double Boilers, KHIND Aesthetic Electric Fans series etc.

Prior to his employment with KHIND, he was the manager for Consumer and Sports division in Guthrie Malaysia Trading Corporation, a trading subsidiary of Kumpulan Guthrie Berhad. All in all, he has over 20 years of track record in the marketing and transformation of small to medium size enterprise, as well as 15 years of rewarding career in 2 public listed companies. He deeply empathizes with the SMEs in Malaysia and understands their critical needs and issues.

In the 70’s, he obtained his honour degree in Physics and mathematics from University of London, and a postgraduate diploma in Business Administration from University of Malaya. In 2003, he passionately enhanced himself with a MBA (Marketing) degree from Charles Stuart University, Australia.

He is proficient in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia. In his leisure time, he enjoys playing golf and tennis and gardening. He lives his values of perseverance, sincerity, humility and KAIZEN.

Email : [email protected]

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