Jeremy Loo

Jeremy C.Y. Loo began his career in investment banking. He was attached to alocal investment bank for 10 years and was involved initially in the field ofcorporate banking which encompasses the full range of lending facilities andactivities. Given his passion in creating solutions and values, he transferred to thecorporate finance department and for the next 8 years was undertaking advisorywork in the complete range of corporate finance work with particular focus onmergers and acquisitions, debt and corporate restructuring and IPOs.

His involvement in corporate finance work did not end with his leaving the bank. He continued such work till this daythrough partnerships as well as his boutique advisory firm and added business strategy consultancy to his repertoire.

Aside from the investment banking/corporate finance field, Jeremy also had entrepreneurial or employment foraysinto personal development training, investment and entrepreneurial training, F&B, renewable energy R&D,marketing consultancy, and retailing of luxury goods.

Over the years, Jeremy has been involved in corporate finance work in 8 jurisdictions around the world and has beenpersonally involved in more than 30 IPOs and countless M&A work.In terms of NGOs, Jeremy was actively involved in the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation; Malaysian Chapter, Asia BridgeForum (a product of EO focusing on the Asia-Pacific region), the Vegan Society of Malaysia, and the Maitreya MoralSociety of Malaysia.

Aside from his affinity to create solutions and values for his clients, Jeremy is also very passionate about personaldevelopment training which ultimately seeks to enable one to face challenges effectively and unleash one’s optimumpotential.

Email : [email protected]

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