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A Manufacturing Engineer by profession, ES Koh (or kosan amongst his friends) started his career at Toshiba electronics, where as a AOTS technical scholar, he picked up Japanese language & work ethics. This proved useful in his later years of factory management & export marketing, in Japan & other oversea market.

Back from oversea with a MSc in Industrial Engineering & Production Management, he first worked as a Manufacturing Engineer with a local tire group, and eventually took charge of its manufacturing subsidiary, where he grew it to 2nd board bursa status.  In the following years, he has worked in SME and bigger groups, got along well both in small SME size and corporate world. He has a total of 35 years industrial and manufacturing experience, before retired from active work to spend time on advising and auditing businesses.

With strong belief in teamwork & empowerment, he took up challenges to manage SME industries, & transformed them to profitable growth. This often means motivating and leading the team to achieve breakthrough, in product and market, & ultimately in company bottom lines.  In the later part of his general management career, he took a family owned company to bursa listing, after expanded in oversea market with 3-fold increase in sales.

After passed the control back to the family owner, kosan worked briefly as business advisor to a steel trading group, including sourcing from China. Lately, he joined an international certification body, as ISO auditor, & advise on product safety & certificates.

His oversea marketing & professional management experience would contribute and add values to the CEOs especially in the SME / SMI, who look for breakthrough in their business growth. His knowhow in ISO management systems can be useful for companies implementing MBO, SOP, and product certification for oversea market & supplies.

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