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Dato Paul Wong

“Perseverance is the key to success and one is only able to master the shortcomings and strengths in anything he is performing by repeatedly doing it. This will not only minimize the possible errors but also will also cultivate one’s positivity and optimism in any undertaking. ”

Dato’ Paul Wong Boon Ming, Managing Director of Manforce Resources Holdings (M) Sdn Bhd is a well-known personality in the human capital service industry with 23 years of experience since he founded the company in 1995. Despite his vast experience, he never slows down but continues to innovate, transform and play a leading role in the development of the human resource service industry.

“The most important thing about a company is innovation. If you stick to the same old method of doing things for 5 or 10 years, you will be gone sooner or later because everyone but you is moving ahead. No matter what business you are in, it is vital for you to keep abreast with times and embrace changes and the market needs by creating new possibilities.”

In the early days, Dato’ Wong’s company was involved in the provision of services as a human resources agent, such as assisting customers in the applications to hire foreign workers. When the Contractor For LabourčCFL̶ measure was introduced by the government in 2006, he seized the opportunity to transform his company by recruiting own human resources and providing human capital outsourcing services in addition to hiring workers for customers.

When the government froze the issue of CFL license in 2010, Dato’ Paul Wong was caught in a dilemma. Undaunted, he successfully reinvented his business model in 2012 by transforming his company to a human resource management service provider which assists customers to apply for the hiring of foreign workers and outsourced human capital management servicesđlabour hiring and management services to customers. The hard work he put in this new business model for three years eventually received the approval of his customers.

Since 2017, Manforce Resources has been focusing on foreign labour management and became a one-stop foreign labour management company, providing the entire spectrum of services, from the application for hiring of foreign labour to arrangement of their accommodation and human capital management to payroll, transportation and government taxes on a disbursement basis. Manforce’s business model has caused quite a stir in the market, making them a leader in the industry.

Knowing that one will be left behind if he does not move ahead, Dato’ Paul Wong has worked diligently to seek out new breakthroughs and better ways of doing business, including how to serve customers and to build and maintain a solid rapport with them and how to have a long term collaborative relationship with foreign partners. “The key to the success of our company is constant pursuit for innovation.” he adds.

Manforce Resources is planning to go public to expand its business domain. “Everyone in the company is working with one mind for further growth. Our employees are the biggest assets. Although leaders are important to a company, the employees are in fact the key to its success.”

Of course, there are challenges in his pursuit for innovations and changes. In the past, he had to resolve problems single-handedly as he could not share all his worries with his employees or his peers in the industry. But things have changed since he participated in Vistage three years ago, he has learned much and is inspired by his Vistage peers.

“Although we come from different industries and background, we are at the same senior management level and we will be able to trigger different ideas by putting our heads together,” he says, adding that, “sometimes personal issue could become a common issue when we talked about it openly by igniting ideas from the Vistage peers. More importantly, we have learned much and widened our perspectives.”

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