Michael Tan – Vistage Chair Profile

Michael_TanMichael Tan, a graduate from Malaya University (MU), he served a short stint in computer industry, followed by another 25 years of his life-long career in the financial industry. He humbly began his career in the fund management services as training and marketing executive with KL Mutual Fund (now known  as Public Mutual); he moved up his corporate advancement through rank and file and was appointed  as CEO of OSK-UOB Unit Trust Management Berhad at the age of 40.

He made his first pot of gold at his early thirties, leading one of the biggest sales force with ten agency offices and more than one thousand five hundreds of agents under his wing. He built the company to become one of the fastest growing fund management houses.

Michael’s management experience span more than 20 years, in his capacity as Chief Executive Officer, he managed the overall business and strategic direction as well as the management of the sales and operational team. He led the development of marketing research and analytics to identify opportunities  and develop multiple sales platforms to accomplish growth goals and objectives. He actively involved  in product development and successfully working with foreign partners, the Duetsche Bank, Schroeder  Financial Group, UOB Asset Management (Singapore) to launch many innovative products for the  company. As in the senior executive position, he was part of the team that involved in the  transformation and consolidation process of the group.

During his corporate service, he was appointed the member of the Boards of Directors in the group. He was a council member of Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM) and a chartered financial planner (CFP) then.

His last corporate appointment was the CEO of RHB Unit Trust Management Berhad before retired at  age of fifty. After he left the corporate scene, Michael involved in many community and social activities. He was the Circle K District Administrator of KIWANIS and currently serves as executive council  member for two NGOs, Quanyin World Foundation and Oriental Art and Cultural Center (OACC) funded by Elken Foundation.

Michael has diverse interests, ranging from philosophical subjects to Buddhism studies and from oriental arts to chinese tea drinking. Passionate to read, he likes Sun Tze Art of War, Blue Ocean, Fifth  Discipline, Matsushita Leadership and mores of the similar type. He loves Kant’s Groundwork of  Morality, Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Nietzsche and Lateral Thinking by Edward De Buno.  He also loves other management and marketing gurus including Philip Kotler and John Kotter. Currently he indulges in Indian Buddhism; literatures works by Nagarjuna is his favorite list.