Mooreyameen Mohamad

Mooreyameen, a Shell scholar from Sarawak Shell Berhad, offers diverse experience and knowledge underpinned by his Mechanical Engineering degree from the prestigious University of Edinburgh. With a career spanning over 12.5 years at Shell Lubricants, he’d seamlessly navigated diverse roles such as technical support, business development, marketing, product and project management and supply chain planning.

He was also a lead producer at BFM radio station for two years, where he created compelling narratives and managed dynamic teams. In fact, he was nominated by the State Department of the US to attend the International Visitor Leadership Program in recognition of his journalistic achievements.

Thereafter, he returned to the oil and gas sector as Sales Manager at Petronas Base Oil, focusing on the East of Suez region for 2.5 years. He managed a sales team who delivered more than US$50 million a year from international sales, launched a new product in Singapore and London and set up a new satellite sales office in Beijing.

His leadership and strategic insights were also beneficial when he became the Chief of Staff at Petra Group. Here, he was instrumental in driving corporate strategy and operations. Thereafter, he took on the pivotal role of Sustainability Manager at Heng Hiap Industries, a leader in the plastic recycling industry. Here, he spearheaded initiatives aimed at pioneering sustainable practices, as well as played a crucial role of an advisor to the CEO in shaping the company’s branding and strategic direction.

His current passions are exploring how scenario planning and generative AI tools can help businesses get ahead of the curve in innovation and productivity.

Email : [email protected]

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