Qualifications for Becoming a Business Coach/Chair | Vistage Malaysia

To be a Vistage Chair you need to be a successful business mentor, the kind of person who can help individuals along their own unique paths to success, both in work and life.

A Vistage Chair must possess a passion for helping others, high emotional IQ, and vast and varied business experience. After the initial selection process, we put each business coach through a rigorous on-boarding program before they join the Vistage community. Vistage Chairs are an elite group with exceptional qualifications and a commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. They are dedicated to excellence in every endeavor and, most importantly, to helping members reach their full potential.

Chair’s Quiz

  • Does working with a dynamic group of CEOs/MDs/GMs and/or Business Owners to help them achieve their goals appeal to you?
  • Do you like the idea of spending a challenging one-to-one session with a CEO or MD or GM?
  • Are you comfortable posing difficult questions to a CEO or MD or GM who is usually the one asking the tough questions?
  • Can you be helpful in resolving an issue by being facilitative, rather than trying to solve the problem yourself?
  • Are you still learning and growing, like the CEOs who are attracted to the Vistage Organization?

If you answered “YES” to four out of the five questions, please consider applying to become a Vistage Chair. You’ll have the opportunity not only to give back, but also to impact the business community in a measurable and meaningful way.

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