Richard Wong Chin Mun – Vistage Chair Profile

richard-cm-wongRichard Wong left Nylex (Malaysia) Berhad, part of the London based worldwide BTR group at the end of June 1994 as Managing Director/Group Chief Executive after 18 years with the Group to start the CEO development and education service. He founded Vistage Malaysia (formerly known as TEC Asia Centre) which has license to the internationally known Vistage process that helps CEOs proactively manage change and stay ahead of the competition through sharing ideas, expertise and personal experience with other successful CEOs.

Under his leadership, Nylex Malaysia won the country’s 1991 Quality Management Award from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. It was the 1st company in Malaysia to be awarded the ISO 9001 certification by SIRIM in November 1991. It grew and diversified from being a purely plastic business into switchgear, electrical & electronic products and systems, glass packaging, roofing tiles, fibreglass insulation products and light fittings businesses through both organic growth and acquisitions, with 12 companies located not only in Malaysia but Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Hong Kong. In addition, three joint ventures were initiated with Japan, Taiwan and United Arab Emirates in automotive, sporting goods and switchgear businesses.

Sales grew from RM20 million in 1986 to >RM500 million in1994. Nylex (Malaysia) was ranked 5th in the top ten best managed companies in Malaysia by Asia Money & Finance in July/Aug 1992. After he left, he was appointed the Deputy Chairman of the Nylex Board and Chairman of Audit Committee from 1994-1999. He was also voted Boss-Of-The-Year 1991/92 by the Secretaries’ Society of Malaysia.

In August 1996, Richard was asked to turnaround a large glove manufacturing company. For the period from 1997-2000, annual sales doubled and Profit After Tax increased fourfold. Under his leadership, the company was given the Export Excellence Award for 1997 and Product Excellence and Innovative Award for 2000 by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. It has operating subsidiaries and sales offices in the USA, UK, Turkey, Vienna, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Malaysia, Indonesia and China and employs more than 5,000 employees worldwide. He left in 2001 after completing a five year contract to devote more time to Vistage.

Besides being a Vistage accredited Master chair/mentor to 20 CEOs under his care, he also does selective coaching for some business owners and strategic annual retreats for large and SME companies. In early 2018, Richard was honored with the 2017 Don Cope Award which recognizes selfless service to his members and the Vistage community. He is the fourth recipient outside USA of the 30 Don Cope Awardees since 1986 and is the first Asian to win the global prestigious award.

His hobbies are reading, music,hiking and qigong. In April 2018, he led his group of 15 Vistage CEO members to reach the Everest Base Camp after a 8-day hike. They all agreed that it was definitely an experience of a lifetime to be able challenge themselves, prevail over the sometimes harsh weather conditions and be awestruck by the majestic views throughout the journey. They became more bonded to each other besides gotten much more healthier and fitter.