Leong Yoke Weng

Leong Yoke Weng, schooled at Victoria Institution and Universiti Malaya, graduated with an Honours Degree in Economics. His Expertise & Experience has been gained from Diverse Business and Management Roles.

As Chief Buyer of Unilever he negotiated for 3 factories viz detergent, soaps , oil , margarine & personal products. In addition to Purchasing Industrial Supplies; a special challenge was Procuring Commodities  from the volatile Oils and Fats Markets. At Unilever Central Purchasing in London he experienced the world wide sourcing efforts.

He left his comfort zone when he accepted appointment as the First Marketing Manager of Unilever’s Wall’s Division. His Pioneering Brand Marketing for Malaysia and Singapore resulted in Wall’s overtaking the rival who has been the generation Brand Leader.

Adding on the Sales Operations , he turned around the loss making of a highly capitalised company to profitability.

He also ran a SME– grew it from shop to semi d warehouse. He was appointed  Airport Manager at Seletar Airport initially and later  at Singapore International Airport.

Leong says  “Music, Books and Friends Foster Our Growth Beam Sunshine to All for a Happy Glow”

Email : [email protected]

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