Tee Lee Meng

Tee Lee Meng (LM) qualified as a chemist/biologist in Kings College, London in 1978.  He started his career as a chemist in Chemical Industries Sdn Bhd, Ipoh where he worked for three years.  His subsequent move was a major highlight in his career development.  Started off as a Manager in a start-up company, he is instrumental in bringing the company from ground zero to a Group of companies with turnover of RM100 million.

During his 25 years with Kumpulan Jebco (M) Sdn Bhd, he spear headed its business development in manufacturing and trading of a diverse range of polymeric products ranging from automotive engineering products to chemical adhesives and sealants. The company is a major supplier to major OEM companies locally as well as overseas. Under his tenure, the company developed into a recognized ISO and IS certified world class automotive parts supplier winning major awards in best supplier, qualities and deliveries as well as the Enterprise 50 award from the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

In the course of his journey, spear heading development and growth, LM acquired invaluable experiences in the field of organization transformation involving leadership development, strategies, best practices, tools and techniques.  He was subsequently promoted to be the CEO of the Manufacturing and Trading Division of the PLC where he also served as Executive Director in several companies and the PLC.

He was also a long standing committee member of Malaysian Rubber Product Manufacturing  Association (MRPMA)   and had also served as a Director in Human Resource Development Berhad (PSMB).

His other passion includes studies on creativity and leadership development. His major concern on global environment degradation and depletion of world natural resources has led him to delve seriously on the issue of sustainable development and systemic thinking.

Email : [email protected]

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