William Wong

William’s academic odyssey began with a Chemistry degree from the esteemed University of Campbell, crowned by an MBA from the illustrious University of Leicester.

For 29 remarkable years, William navigated multinational giants within the Chemical industry. His role as a transformation catalyst extended across borders. Pioneering the Jotun Paints Regional Laboratory in Shah Alam showcased his audacity. Leadership in the Asia Pacific Region yielded monumental growth.

William’s impact peak with catalytic roles at corporate titans like Jotun Paints Malaysia, Jotun Paints AS Norway, Huntsman Tioxide Asia Pacific, and HBF Fuller Asia Pacific. As the Asia Pacific Product Steward Head at Huntsman Tioxide Asia Pacific, he championed environmental sanctity, propelling Green initiatives across the region.

Transitioning gracefully from corporate life, William embraced Executive Development, earning credentials as a Certified Business Coach, Behavioral Consultant, NLP Practitioner (Basic), and Health Coach. Over 12 years of his entrepreneurial journey, his endeavours exemplify an unwavering commitment to comprehensive growth.

A HRD Corp Accredited Trainer, his influence spans enterprises like XOX Mobile, Novo Quality Services, Giatmara, Sinar Jernih, Skynet, DKSH, transforming them through insightful interventions.

William’s passion is in empowering CEOs and teams to discover their personal behavior and identify blind spots that may hinder their personal breakthrough.

Email : [email protected]

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