Mak Choong Moon

Mak Choong Moon: An Accomplished Executive Director with 35 Years of Expertise in IT Services, Manufacturing, Insurance, Gaming, and Property Development

Mak Choong Moon boasts an illustrious 35-year career spanning diverse sectors, including IT Services, Manufacturing, Insurance, Gaming, and Property Development. With an exceptional track record as an Executive Director in multiple PLCs, Mak has consistently delivered remarkable results, managing substantial turnovers with precision.

From humble beginnings in a rank-and-file position, Mak ascended through the ranks, ultimately assuming the role of CEO. His trajectory instilled in him a genuine passion for cultivating invaluable relationships with clients, partners, and colleagues. By fostering strong cohesion among staff and clients, Mak consistently drives shared objectives to successful outcomes.

Throughout his extensive career, Mak has honed invaluable expertise in negotiation, operations, management systems, and interpersonal skills. His proficiency extends to optimizing processes and implementing effective solutions across diverse and dynamic environments. Moreover, Mak’s exceptional financial acumen enables him to formulate comprehensive budgets for funding proposals.

Mak’s consummate professionalism is complemented by an affable demeanor, remarkable storytelling abilities, and exceptional interpersonal skills. He actively designs and leads pre- and post- training activities, ensuring seamless knowledge transfer that translates into enhanced workplace performance.

As the CEO of a prominent family company, Mak shoulders the responsibility for the success of various business joint ventures. These ventures encompass angel investments, property management, and real estate development. Demonstrating entrepreneurial acumen, Mak has established diverse business units that effectively complement the family’s wide-ranging interests.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Mak dedicates his leisure time to enriching the lives of underprivileged individuals. His commitment to social welfare underscores his character and resonates with his mission to make a positive impact.

Mak holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, a testament to his exceptional academic prowess.

For unparalleled expertise and a proven track record of success, connect with Mak Choong Moon today. Experience the transformative power of his leadership and strategic insights in driving growth across industries.

Email : [email protected]

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