Mak Choong Moon

Mak Choong Moon has over 35 years of working experience in companies involved in IT Services, Manufacturing, Insurance, Gaming and Property Development, and he also served as Executive Director with several PLCs with multi-million dollar turnovers.

He started his journey from rank and file in the early years to CEO position. His work experiences brought a genuine passion for building valuable relationships with clients, partners, and colleagues to achieve mutual goals. He realigned these values for the companies, to improve better cohesion between staff members and clients of the company.  The company in return achieved better results.

Throughout the years, he has gained valuable knowledge in negotiation skills, operations, management systems, and interpersonal skills in the management of people.  His other ability lies in processes optimising and implementing solutions within different environments.  His financial acumen steers him to assemble  budgets for funding proposals.

Mak is a professional, with an outgoing demeanour, a good story-teller with exceptional interpersonal skills.  He designs and leads both pre- and post-training activities to ensure that learning transfers back to the workplace.

As the CEO of a family company, Mak is responsible for the success of all associated business joint ventures.  The companies are involved in angel investments, properties management and real estate developments.   In this business journey, he has established several business units to complement the family’s interest.

During his spare time, he commits to improving the welfare of underprivileged members of society. He holds a Bachelors and a Master’s degree from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

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