CEO Coaching Qualifications

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Vistage Chairs come with strong financial acumen, superb management skills and an innate entrepreneurial spirit. They’ve realized the kind of success to which most only aspire. Now, they have the opportunity to greatly impact the lives of other business leaders in their communities.

Chair Qualifications

  1. Has a passion for helping others
  2. Possesses high emotional IQ
  3. Has vast and varied business experiences
  4. Dedicated to excellence in every endeavor
  5. Dedicated to helping members reach their full potential
  6. Committed to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics
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Meet our Chairs
Vistage Chairs are an elite group of accomplished business leaders with diverse backgrounds. Learn about their experiences and approach to mentoring high-performing CEOs.

Vistage Chairs, with extensive experiences, get satisfaction in guiding other entrepreneurs to make better decisions and grow in life and business. Vistage Chairs also find it emotionally rewarding in nurturing a new generation of leaders to overcome challenges.

Vistage Chairs, with extensive experiences, will help entrepreneurs thrive in life and buisiness with new ideas, opportunities and problem-solving methods. With a strong purpose, Vistage Chairs are delighted to contribute to other leaders’ growth that will benefit their companies, families and communities.

Benefits of a Vistage Chair Practice

Help Leaders Succeed

Create an impact that ripples from the C-Suite, through company ranks and into your community.

Earn Recurring Income

You are paid for each group you Chair and there’s no limit on the number of groups you can launch.


As an independent contractor, you can build a practice that gives you flexibility and suits your schedule.

Stay Local

Travel is minimal as your monthly meetings and one-to-ones are all local.

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Vistage Chairs have realized the kind of success to which most only aspire. Now, they have the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience to help others.

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Meet our Chairs

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Meet our Chairs
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