Vistage Business Coaches / Chairs

The Chair is the facilitator, mentor and coach who leads Vistage Group and one-to-one meetings. An independent contractor, the Chair plays many key roles, including executive coach, confidante, mentor and change agent. The Chair is the cornerstone of the Vistage member experience. To ensure that our members receive the greatest possible value from their association with us, Vistage strives to partner with only the highest-level candidates for Vistage Chairs. Click on any of the chairs to view his profile.

Vistage in English :

ABDUL HALIM HASANAbdul Halim Datuk Abu Hassan


Hasannudin SaidinHasannudin Saidin

Dato' Indra Gunawan AlamshahIndra Gunawan Alamshah (Dato)

Laurence Lim (Dr)Laurence Lim (Dr)

Leong Yoke WengLeong Yoke Weng

Michael Oh Hong ChoonMichael Oh Hong Choon



Robbin KhooRobbin Khoo
Simon SohSimon Soh
Tee Lee MengTee Lee Meng

victor-fooTom Chong
victor-fooVictor Foo
dr-wilson-tayWilson Tay (Dr)

Wong-Chee-KongWong Chee Kong
Vincent CL ChanVincent CL Chan
yeoh_seng_hooiYeoh Seng Hooi

Vistage in Mandarin :

David ChaiDavid Chai
georgelauGeorge Lau
Dr-HN-LawHN Law (Dr)

Jeffrey_KhorJeffrey Khor
20160808_kerk_loongKerk Loong Sing
Dr.KhorKhor Chai Tian (Dr)

koh_eng_siongKoh Eng Siong
lau-boon-leongLau Boon Leong
loh_wei_hoongLoh Wei Hoong

Michael_TanMichael Tan
wong kah caneWong Kah Cane
wong_siu_hongWong Siu Hong

Vistage in Sabah:

Angela YenAngela Yen
Chew Sin VuiChew Sin Vui
Dato' George LimDato’ George Lim

Vistage in Singapore:

Bernard WongBernard Wong
Cheng Jih MingCheng Jih Min
William-TayWilliam Tay