Ahmad Suhaimi Hamdan

Ahmad Suhaimi, a Mechanical Engineer by qualification (plus an MBA), has also worked in areas of Management and Process Consultancy, IT Project Management, and Business Development and Operation Management over the last 30 years. His career lies mainly in senior management roles in multiple industries such as Construction, Financial, Manufacturing and Services.

The exposure provided for vast knowledge in managing people and resources towards achieving goals and objectives. He believes that Learning is a lifelong journey and Change is a constant.

At IMPAC and RSM Malaysia, he initiated and managed profit and process improvement projects via the implementation of effective Management Control Systems in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Clients were involved in Manufacturing (pharmaceutical, lighting system, dairy product) Shipbuilding, Automotive Maintenance and Food services. His major achievements include the creation of a joint-venture unit in Indonesia when he was a Business Manager (Asia).

At DNet Technologies (EDI Malaysia), e-Pantai, Synergycentric SB and Bank Muamalat, he was involved in growth and effective delivery of IT projects in his roles as General Manager, Program Director, Project Director and Advisor. He was involved in the earliest Electronic Commerce initiative implementation, among others, together with the government and private sector even before the Internet’s rapid progress.

Along the way, he was instrumental in developing a start-up and successfully managed the joint-venture company for Pantai Holding group in facilitating more effective and efficient Healthcare and Insurance processes through deploying relevant technologies.

While the said scope and industries may be diverse, he was responsible for business profitability, effective business development and efficient project delivery. Providing training and effective communication is key in achieving targets while working with different corporate levels. Effective sharing and managing expectation are known to lead to more successful ventures, and enablers such as technology will facilitate change and continuous improvements.

Email : [email protected]

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