CEOs are ending the year 2020 on a low note as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impose unrelenting challenges on both the domestic and global economies, exerting incessant strain on businesses going forward.

Reflecting this is the latest Vistage-MIER CEO Confidence Index (CCI) which, at 65.3, remains as gloomy as the prior quarter’s 61.5. Notwithstanding the 3.8-point improvement on the quarter, this is the ninth consecutive quarter that the CCI has stayed below the optimism threshold and its third lowest reading since 3Q2018, denoting a continuing lack of confidence amongst CEOs for more than two years now


Q4 2020 CEO Confidence Index (English) / (Chinese)

Q3 2020 CEO Confidence Index (English) / (Chinese)

Q2 2020 CEO Confidence Index (English) / (Chinese)

Q1 2020 CEO Confidence Index (English) / (Chinese)

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