Kerk Loong Sing

KERK Loong Sing has a very interesting life and colourful career. He started as a journalist in 1966 immediately after his graduation in Singapore. He worked in most of the departments of a press from editorial to PR, Personnel, Advertisement, Circulation, Promotion, Marketing departments. Finally he was promoted as Deputy General Manager cum Chairman of Editorial Board, Nanyang Siang Pau Malaysia.

In 1990 he was invited to join Country Heights Sdn Bhd as the Deputy Group Managing Director.

After serving 4 years in Country Heights Group of companies, he started his own property company. His present pet project is Ulu Yam Hotsprings Eco Resort which is situated in Ulu Yam Bahru, Selangor, about 28km to Genting Highlands. This 263 acres resort will be an exciting resort upon completion.

He is also very active in the Chinese guilds and associations in the past forty years. He served in different senior positions in many leading NGO such as Associated Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Malaysia China Friendship Association, Malaysia Chinese Cultural Association, Federation of Malaysia Chinese Associations etc. He is currently the Vice President of Malaysia China Chamber of Commerce, Hon. Life President of Malaysia Ru Shang Society, Life Advisor of the National Fruit Planters Association, Life Advisor of Malaysian Vegetable Farmers Association.

He was conferred the Honorary Citizen of Qifu, Shandong, China (the birth place of Confucius) in 2005. His research in the area of ASEAN macro economy made him to be appointed as Advisor to the ASEAN Research Institute, Guangxi University, China.

He is currently the Managing Director of Kerk Holdings Sdn Bhd, Bundoora Sdn Bhd. and KLS Development Sdn Bhd.

Email : [email protected]

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