Dr. Peter Thong

Dr. Peter Thong has more than 40 years of CEO experience in Multi-National Corporations. The companies he lead and managed in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong SAR and PR China are in diverse industries. His multi-disciplinary management experience helps in coaching CEOs.

Dr. Peter Thong’s industrial engineering training at Aston University in UK where he was accredited with his engineering degrees including his Doctorate was put into good use in the companies he lead. His first CEO post was with BRC Berjaya Kawat Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia in 1975. That appointment was after his 3 years of employment in Rheem Hume Pte. Ltd. as a Works Engineer in Singapore, 2 years as M & A Financial Engineer in Hutchison in Hong Kong and a year as Sales Manager in BRC Weldmesh Pte. Ltd., Singapore. Thus he is experienced in managing Production, Finance, Sales, Marketing and General Management. He motivated his staffs into transforming small companies into large profitable enterprises. He is passionate in sharing his competencies.

Dr. Peter Thong lived and worked in China for the last 32 years. His CEO jobs in China required him to transact business with a wide spectrum of industries. His value chain partners comprise of both Chinese Enterprises and Multi-National Corporations.

In China, he was Chairman of the Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China, Director of China International Council for the Promotion of Multi-National Corporations, Supply Chain Management Committee Chair of the American Chamber of Commerce in China and Managing Director of the British Chamber of Commerce in China and China-Britain Business Council. Dr. Peter Thong is indeed an Old China Hand. His leadership experience as Chairman, President and Managing Director enabled him to conduct meetings effectively.

Email : [email protected]

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