Teoh Soon Chee

Teoh Soon Chee was an employee for an MNC in Singapore before becoming an entrepreneur, which lasted for more than 30 years. With
unrelenting energy in overcoming operational and productivity challenges, coupled with a strong innovation spirit, he has been able to head a start-up company. It quickly grew into a viable SME thanks to his capable leadership. Having enjoyed a hands-on experience in his endeavours over the years, his transition from an employee to a business owner/entrepreneur has been invaluable.

In 1989, Soon Chee started his career in Singapore as a production worker at an MNC (Data General) that was then a computer board/PCB manufacturer. A year after joining the company, it was renamed GUL TECHNOLOGIES (S) PTE LTD after a management buyout.

A consistently high-performance employee at GUL TECHNOLOGIES (S) PTE LTD, he credits this to his entrepreneurial drive. He had contributed significantly in process troubleshooting, continuous improvements, problem-solving, manufacturing planning, managing and supervising a production team in achieving key efficiency and productivity indices. GUL TECHNOLOGIES LTD was successfully listed on the STI in 1998. It was then that he became its Production Manager who led an 800-strong workforce.

In 2002, Soon Chee started OPTOSEM TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD in Johor Bahru, which manufactures pre- molded packages for optical mouse sensors, armed with a paid-in capital of SGD20,000. With Soon Chee’s unique leadership in starting and quickly growing his business, Optosem has grown into one of the world’s largest air cavity packaging producers for optical mouse sensors. Supplying to US-based MNCs in Penang, Thailand, the Philippines, Taiwan and China, the company — after 5 years since it started — saw its annual revenue averaging at an astounding RM40 million.

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