7 luxury equipment items for the peak performer

When the Apple Watch launched six years ago, then-TAG Heuer CEO Jean Claude Biver made no secret about the fact that he wanted one.

“It’s a fantastic product,” the renowned luxury watch leader said. “I’m not just living in the … past, I also want to be connected to the future.”

His enthusiasm was proof of the power of great gear. For the peak performer CEO, tracking, evaluating and improving everything from heart rates to pets’ happiness is a gratifying pursuit – and the right equipment for CEOs can make it happen.

The following luxury gizmos can help you get the most out of your workouts, maximize your productivity, enhance your brainstorms and – like Biver – keep you connected to the future.

1. Peloton

Many busy CEOs prefer to have at-home fitness equipment. The first-to-market winner of the stationary race is Peloton. The convenience and quality of training is hard to beat, whether it’s on a Peloton Bike or a Tread.

In addition to the equipment itself, the Peloton App provides access to thousands of classes. Peloton’s instructors provide positive motivation, meaningful insights and goal-oriented focus and will feel comfortably familiar, even if the workouts are anything but. Peloton’s transparent performance metrics also fuel competitive motivation. What leader doesn’t want to see their name on top of that leaderboard?

2. The Mirror

Pilates, strength and other classes stream on this smart-mirror screen, while simultaneously allowing you to see yourself and monitor your form. In addition to on-demand content, The Mirror’s personal training options connect you to instructors who can provide real-time feedback, and live classes link you to classmates to encourage and motivate you on your path toward optimal health.

3. Apple Watch

Apple is promoting the Apple Watch as the gee-wiz health and fitness device of the future, one that can detect the wearer’s blood oxygen level, sleep and environmental hazards. Its ECG app is effective at alerting the wearer of dangerous heart arrhythmias.

As if concierge medicine on your wrist isn’t appealing enough, the Apple Watch is also a virtual assistant, sending appointment reminders, setting meetings, displaying emails, taking dictation and even reminding busy CEOs to get up if they’ve been sitting too long. Oh, and if you’re curious about the time, your Apple Watch can tell you that, too.

4. The Bullet Journal

Over the last few years, Bullet Journals have become all the rage. Even if you are not drawn to that particular organizational method, taking the time to chronicle your thoughts in analogue is an important and effective leadership exercise.

Your ideas are a valuable asset — the physicality involved in writing them in a journal brings them to life. Kelly D. Scott, Chairman of the Board, Vistage Florida, recommends journaling for the clarity it can bring: “When problems arise that you can’t see through clearly, journaling provides you the opportunity to take a step back and look at everything with a clearer mind,” he writes.

5. Echo Dot

Alexa has all the answers. She also has your calendars, your contact lists and your last take-out order memorized. The Echo Dot, Amazon’s sleek smart speaker, might already be a fixture in your home, but are you getting the most out of Amazon’s famed virtual assistant?

Through your Echo, you can ask Alexa to remember things that would otherwise slip your mind, schedule meetings with people who also have Alexa-enabled devices and even learn a foreign language.

The Echo Dot is small and inconspicuous but functions as a fairly powerful and crisp speaker for playing your favorite music, podcast or news station. It’s perfect for the CEO with a long to-do list and an insatiable curiosity.

6. Bose noise-cancelling headphones

The soundtrack of your life is meant to be played loud, triumphantly and uninterrupted. With Bose-engineered noise-canceling capabilities, Bose noise-cancelling headphones and earbuds are a travel-friendly alternative that corral only the sounds you want and shut out the rest.

Ideal for heavy physical use, the earbuds are sweat-proof and available in three ear-tip sizes. And while over-the-ear headphones have made a comeback, not everyone wants to show up to a Zoom meeting looking like an air traffic controller. The earbuds look sleek, feel comfortable and effectively cancel out the noise you need a break from.

7. BarkBox

With remote work taking over many industries, some of our most loyal co-workers and confidants are now those with four legs. To reward and show affection for their canine friends, CEOs are turning to BarkBox, a subscription service that delivers treats and toys to dog owners’ doorsteps monthly. Through ingenious marketing and quality products, BarkBox has inspired a committed following among dog lovers. Your dog may not know us, but they’ll be tail-wagging glad we added this one to the list.

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