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PJ Lim

PJ Lim, Managing Director, Scientex Incorporated Berhad

Adopting successful management systems and picking up insights on future trends have given PJ Lim the extra edge to be a well-rounded CEO.

Underneath the modest and low profile PJ Lim, Managing Director of Scientex Incorporated Berhad is a well-rounded CEO who is sharp in business planning and strategies as well as adept in mountain climbing and scuba diving. PJ says he cannot claim to be a better leader but has definitely benefitted from his membership in Vistage. ‘I learn a lot from the Vistage experience, with better knowledge, I’m better at setting the company direction and getting better respect as a leader,’ he explains. PJ highlights that Vistage has opened his eyes to successful management systems and given him vantage points to view future trends.

PJ is grateful to Vistage for introducing to him the open book management system and rolling budget method, both of which have been implemented in Scientex. The open book management system has given transparency to the company’s operations and made it easier to benchmark employee’s performance. While the rolling budget method is not easy in practice, it makes the company more agile in coping with the changing business environment.

PJ is especially delighted with Vistage for bringing in reputable resource speakers who give insights into future trends. He diligently notes in his PDA the trends that he sees will affect Scientex’s numerous businesses. For instance, the trend in the next 3-5 years towards smaller cars and smaller houses will have impact on the company’s automotive parts business and property development.

Armed with CEO acumen and insight into future trends, PJ has already mapped Scientex’s 5-year plan (2008-2013). Incorporated in 1968, Scientex Berhad has two core business divisions namely manufacture of industrial packaging materials and property development. Listed on Bursa Malaysia in 1990, the group is a global leader in industrial stretch film and exports various products to over 60 countries. Group turnover stood at RM509m in FY2009. PJ’s vision and targets see Scientex touching RM1 billion in group turnover with profits at the RM100m mark by 2013.

To achieve these targets, PJ has initiated various corporate moves. Among them was the merger of two listed entities into one under Scientex Incorporated Berhad in 2008. He has improved company structure by reducing 80 companies under the Group’s stable to 30. On top of operational and financial measures, PJ has added rebranding and management philosophy.

In 1994, PJ created the company’s motto under the philosophy of ‘Management like water’. It has a deep meaning – Like water, the company is flexible and can fit in any environment, Like water flow, the company will not go against nature. He redefined this philosophy in 2008 to ‘healthy, friendly and happy’ to add emotions to the company’s identity. PJ believes that these qualities are important to drive his employees to greater heights. ‘A happy environment means people enjoy what they do. Happy people will have the passion to grow the company,’ he explains.

Though not openly expressed, PJ must be a happy CEO. The tell tale signs are his adventurous pursuits. He has gone diving in the Maldives to swim with sharks and Manta Rays. This is not counting several sojourns for mountain climbing and golf every month.

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